Environment, Health & Safety(EHS)

The main objective of EHS system at Indus Gene is to safeguard the environment, employees, general public and to comply with applicable laws and care for the Company's reputation.

Waste Treatment

Each lab is having dedicated autoclave to decontaminate the used glassware, vessels etc., before taking for reuse. All the GMP / Sterile drain of grade D/C area will be connected to kill tank (installed under negative pressure) through NRV (Non Return Valve). Effluents will be heated to a temperature of 121 - 124 °C for 2 hours at 1.2 - 1.5 Kg/Cm2 to complete the process of treatment. Treated water will be passed through neutralization tank for neutralizing the pH of effluents by dosing pump. Once the effluent water will be tested for COD, BOD, TDS and pH etc., the same can be used for gardening purpose.

Bio waste in the bio processing plants is in very insignificant amount (5kg per month). This will be incinerated (as per Pollution Control Board guidelines). Domestic waste will be separately collected in Septic tank. The company obtained necessary approvals from APPCB.

Safety & Fire Fighting System

All pressure vessels, equipment are equipped with safety valves, safety switch etc. Firefighting system consists of fire hydrants, portable fire extinguisher and fire alarm system with provision of smoke detectors. Fire extinguishers will be in place in each lab at dedicated location as per the clause of Fire Fighting Category.

EHS system at Indus Gene also include

  • Health and Hygiene of employees
  • Limiting Energy consumption
  • Adopting "Green Chemistry" principles
  • Managing air emissions
  • Extensive training at all levels.
  • Safe Work Environment
  • Periodical EHS auditing
  • Hazard evaluation and classification for all incoming chemicals
  • Proper labeling of chemicals and media
  • Proper disposal of waste in to respective labeled containers

We are continuously working to improve safety culture among all our employees. Our goal is to achieve a safe work environment, through our rigorous compliance with global safety standards.