Enzymes of Eicosanoid Cascade

There is a great demand for these enzymes from universities and pharma industry for research and drug development as well as for diagnostics. The primary promoter of Indus Gene has set the record as being the industry leader in this field for over three decades.

Enzymes Application
Cyclooxygenases 1 and 2 (COXs) COX is used for research and development of pain relieving drugs
Prostaglandin D4/ E4/ J4 Synthases Research related to relaxation of muscles and platelet aggregation
15-, 12-, 8-, and 5- Lipoxygenases (LOXs) Involved in allergies and asthma. Used in research and development of drugs. Also involved in the pest resistance of plants.
Platelet aggregation on wound

Production of Enzymes of Eicosanoid Cascade

Individual clones for the key eicosanoid cascade enzymes serve as the source for their expression. The clones for all these enzymes will be individually expressed using appropriate expression systems like bacteria, yeast, baculovirus and mammalian cell lines in 100 to 500 liter fermenters.

The expressed proteins are purified by a combination of multiple column chromatographic steps, including ion exchange and affinity methods. Each batch of the enzyme will be subjected to various criteria of protein purity and the required enzyme activity prior to their storage at – 80°C for future packaging and shipping.