Industrial Enzymes

The global market for industrial enzymes was USD 5.9 bn in 2020 and projected to reach USD 8.7 bn by 2026 recording a CAGR of 6.5%.

Alpha-AmylaseAlpha-Amylase, an enzyme that hydrolyses polysaccharides, such as starch and glycogen, to glucose and maltose.

Commercially important enzymes and their end use is given in the following table.

Enzymes Use
Glucoamylase Juice industry, Breweries
Alpha-amylase / Protease / Betaglucanase Brewing industry
Pullulanase / Amyloglucosidase Starch industry
Phospholipase Starch industry, Dairy
Glucose Oxidase Baking industry
Lipase Oils and fats industry, Pasta / Noodles, Baking, Dairy, Leather
Alpha-amylase Starch industry, Starch based sweeteners
Trypsin Leather industry
Protease Meat industry, Detergents, Animal feed industry
Pectinesterase Fruit processing
Carbohydrase / Lipase Baking industry
Subtilisin Leather industry, Paper, textile
Xylanase Protein Hydrolysis, Starch
Cellobiose Oxidase Dairy industry
Pectin lyase / Polygalacturonase Juice industry
Glucoamylase / Alpha-amylase / Protease Alcohol industry
Transferase Starch industry
Aspariginase Baking industry
Cellulase Textile industry, Biomass to sugars, paper
Phytase Animal feed industry