Research Technology and Manufacturing Process

We are a research driven company. Commercial scale manufacturing using modern biotechnology mainly deals with two techniques

  • Construction of a recombinant DNA and gene transfer technology
  • Cell culture where the cells with modified DNA can be multiplied and induced (expression) to produce desired products in commercial quantities.

"Construction of recombinant DNA, in which a foreign DNA fragment is inserted into a plasmid vector."

Indus Gene will be using these techniques for production of all the products.

Areas of expertise

  • Gene cloning and protein expression
  • Enzyme development
  • Enzyme application research
  • Biocatalysis services

Our R&D and manufacturing efforts are conducted in our state of art ISOXXXXX certified R&D facility and GMP certified manufacturing plant.

Manufacturing Facility

In line with the manufacturing process described for various products, Indus gene is equipped the laboratories with laboratory scale and pilot scale bioreactors, different kinds of, centrifuges, ultra filters and chromatographic columns along with sophisticated testing instruments. The operations of the unit will adhere to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The facility is designed as per GMP norms. The manufacturing/ material management process will follow GMP procedures that will pave way for regulatory approvals for bio-pharmaceutical manufacture.