Scientific Team

Professor Biao He (Ph. D.)

Virologist, USA. Lead Scientist in INDUS Gene project on Vaccine development and manufacturing.

Dr. Ryan Arner (Ph. D.)

Molecular Biologist, USA. INDUS Gene Scientific Manager to oversee cGMP facility scientific staff.

Professor Mark Guiltinan (Ph. D.)

Plant Molecular Biologist, USA. INDUS Gene Lead Scientist in Industrial Enzyme production.

V. Bhaskar Reddy (Ph. D.)

Senior Scientist at Harvard University. Molecular Biologist. Lead Scientist in Bacterial and Yeast Expressions of Proteins and Peptides at INDUS Gene.

Mohan C. Vemuri (Ph. D.)

Director, Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine at Life Technologies, USA. Indus Gene’s Lead Immunologist in Monoclonal Antibody Vaccine Production.

William Scheuchenzuber (Ph. D.)

USA, Director of Hybridoma and Cell Culture Facility. Lead Scientist in Monoclonal Antibody Engineering at INDUS Gene.

VenkatMukku (Ph. D.)

USA. 25 years of experience at Genentech and Amgen. Lead Protein Chemist in Genetic Engineering of Proteins and peptides at INDUS Gene.

Dr. Seethala Ramakrishna (Ph. D.)

USA. 20 years of experience at Bristol Myers Squibb. Lead Biochemist for Lipid Mediators and ELISA kits production at INDUS Gene.